Vanuatu Coconut Oil™ (Unrefined)
Vanuatu Coconut Oil™ (Unrefined)

Vanuatu Coconut Oil™ (Unrefined)

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(600ml or 20.28 ounces)

Pure Cosmetic Virgin Coconut Oil - 600ml


Virgin Coconut Oil skin benefits can be found in this cosmetic grade extra virgin Coconut Oil made by the Direct Micro Expelling method.


Best Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has many uses from the treatment of ulcers, head lice and kidney stones to coconut oil as a skin moisturizer. It has also been used traditionally as a massage oil. Unlike many other massage oils that contain polyunsaturated fat (which quickly oxidize when applied to the skin or sunlight), saturated fats like coconut oil are far more stable and more readily absorbed into the skin.


The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of coconut oil for face or skin acne, pimples and other skin conditions means that as it penetrates into the skin, it kills bacteria and germs, reduces inflammation and helps to revitalize and clarify skin.

This bottle of pure Virgin Coconut Oil comes in 600ml (20.28 ounces).

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