Natural Facial Care Products For A Smooth Complexion

made from pure Virgin Coconut Oil, the incredible skin rejuvenating Tamanu Oil, Volcanic Ash and Pumice


Hypoallergenic Aromatherapy Natural Minerals




Every product in our beautiful Face Care range below now all contain Certified Organic Tamanu Oil for optimum skin health!



Most skin care experts recommend performing these 3 Steps once or
twice daily, to maintain healthy glowing skin: -


Step 1. Cleanse

Cleansing removes makeup, dirt and grease from the surface of your skin.

A good cleanser should be chemical-free and maybe a mild soap, gentle exfoliant, or a rich crème. No matter which one you choose, apply it to the skin with the pads of your fingers.

Use soft circular motions to gently spread the cleanser over the surface of the skin. When ready, rinse off with warm water. Pat off excess moisture from face and neck.

Choose either Volcanic Earth's crème Facial Cleanser or Facial Cleansing Soap

Step 2. Tone

After cleansing the skin, apply a chemical-free toner. This is designed to remove left over traces of cleanser and to tone and prepare your skin for a moisturiser.

A very effective toner will leave your skin feeling dewy fresh, so as to allow for easy absorbsion of the moisturiser to follow.

Use toner by applying it to a damp cotton wool bud and wiping over your face or alternatively spray it on (being careful to keep it away from eyes).

Choose VE Facial Toner


Step 3. Moisturize 

The final step is to moisturise the skin. Volcanic Earth’s unscented Facial Moisturiser With Tamanu Oil is made from pure virgin coconut and olive oils and incorporates pure Tamanu Oil. It is a light, chemical-free crème that is suitable for all skin types.

A moisturiser provides moisture to the surface of the skin and helps keeps skin smooth and supple.

Apply after toning and before makeup and massage into the skin with firm upward strokes.

Choose VE's Facial Moisturizer

AND they recommend the use of natural products, free from chemicals, artificial preservatives or colorings!


**NOTE** To ensure quality all Tamanu Oil Products are shipped directly from the source in the South Pacific, Please allow 7-20 days depending on where you live

 key ingredients: - Tamanu Oil = a certified organic, skin rejuvenating agent that is fast, effective and all natural. grapefruit Seed Extract= an effective natural preservative Volcanic Pumice Powder = superfine and therefore very gentle pumice, high in mineral content. It is naturally formed, requires no chemicals to process the granules and is an exceptional exfoliant. Rose Geranium Oil = an astringent. Useful for both oily and combination skin types. Lavender Essential Oil = Suitable for all skin typess. Smells great. Virgin Coconut Oil = renowned for it’s skin moisturising qualities. Volcanic Mineral Clays = We have chosen the purest volcanic clays to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. These clays are mined deep below the earth’s surface and contain high mineral content and are pure and natural.

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