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Everything is Energy!  

It is in, surrounds and a part of every living thing on earth.  It is the life force that brings life to all things. Without energy, we would not be alive.  They say that we immediately lose 28 grams of weight when we die.  This is our life force (or spirit) leaving our bodies.

Humans are made up of 3 types of energy; electric, magnetic and subtle energies.  Electro-magnetic energies can be measured by scientific instruments, while subtle energies cannot be measured, until recently, as the field of medical science is evolving.  The Chinese have known and documented for thousands of years, what scientists are now discovering.

Bio-electromagnetic and subtle energies (I’ll call Bioenergy for short), run through our bodies via at least 10 energy systems.  For example, bioenergy runs thru our meridians to supply energy to our organs and the chakras import new energy and export toxic energy out of our bodies.  Our aura (or energy bubble) protects us from the environment like a spacesuit.

To understand energy medicine is to understand how energy works.  Energy likes to move, it is not static, but dynamic.  It is always changing and it needs space and time to move.  Energy also likes to run in patterns, especially circles, waves, spirals and cross-over patterns like the figure 8.  When energy is moving freely and in smooth circular patterns, we feel happy, healthy, vibrant and full of divine joy.  Our bioenergy systems are in balance and in a state of well-being.

However, your bioenergy balance can be thrown off by stress, trauma, or just plan ol’ bad habits.  Stress is caused by the lack of space and time.  When our time or space becomes compressed, energy cannot move.  It plays out in our emotional body as anxiety, depression, fear, anger, grief or worry.  It plays out in our physical body as acute pain, heat or inflammation. Chronic stress happens when we harbor a memory of a past trauma. We carry that negative energy pattern in our energetic body.


When negative energy patterns continue for long enough, they form blocks and imbalances, causing pain, illness and chronic disease.  Our emotional wellbeing is jeopardized and feelings of fear, anger or depression take over.  We may even lose our sense of connection to ourselves, our relationships and to the divine spirit.

This is where energy medicine steps in.  Energy blocks and imbalances are identified and tracked throughout our bioenergetic systems.  It is imperative to keep energetic pathways free and clear, to keep us healthy.  Through our exclusive  Energy Pendant you’ll be able to re-pattern and clear these blockages, restoring vitality, emotional happiness and spiritual connection.

So our Energy Pendant  is all about: 

  • Releasing stuck energy that cause inflammation and pain.
  • Re-patterning bad habits that are dis-empowering to your health and well being.
  • Unwinding negative emotions that are causing you to feel bad.
  • Reinforcing positive energy patterns that restore your resiliency, creativity and inspirations so that you can live your life full of passion and love and, of course…ENERGY!

The Only Energy Pendant that will bring you health/wellness and bring you luck in abundance. Guaranteed!
The key to a healthy body, good mental health, and overall healthy living is tied to the frequency or Energy that our bodies operate at. Research has shown time and time again that the higher the frequency or energy of our body, the less of a chance bacteria, viruses, and disease in general has to take hold and completely ravish us. 


A healthy body should have a frequency (or energy) somewhere between 62 and 78MHz, if it drops lower than this then the chances of a disease are increased. For example; disease has been known to spread quite rapidly in bodies which are roughly 58Hz in frequency. Mental health issues can start at roughly the same time.

Now, you may think that it is difficult to cause your body’s frequency to plummet this low. It is not. A recent study indicated that a single cup of coffee could cause your body’s frequency to be out of whack for a couple of days. If you smoke then your body could drop down to a frequency of 42 MHz, which is the exact frequency that tumors grow at.

Negative thoughts can lower our frequency even further, and this is how mental health issues actually start; far too many negative thoughts and a low body frequency.

Our Energy Pendant has an incredibly high frequency. This basically means that they are absolutely fantastic for your health and will (not maybe) work for you.

We are giving you 90 days 100% Guarantee or your money back! This is the REAL deal folks.


To most, this will sound rather far out if not unbelievable. Yet most believe in the power of prayer, and all they can say for sure about prayer is that it is a powerful, vibrational energy.


Benefits of Energy Pendant 

  • This will be the best purchase of your life. 
  •  You'll start vibrating pure love (what you are meant to vibrate)
  •  You'll be Lucky in Life. 
  •  It Will (Not Maybe) keep you safe.
  •  Are you always in pain? This Will Cure you 
  •  Overtime Disease will cease to exist in your body.
  •  F.e.a.r. (False Evidence Appearing Real) will cease to exist within you.
  •  You'll become Stress Free.
  •  No more anxiety  
  •  Your thoughts will go from being negative to always positive.
  •  You'll be happier in life.
  •  Love/Relationship/Marriage will be at peak high.
  •  Money/Finances will come to you as if by magic.
  •  You'll have control over your life.
  •  You'll have Freedom.
  •  Setbacks/disappointments/Adversity will be to your advantage.
  •  You'll know by heart and how you feel to avoid danger or any discomfort. 
  •  You'll start drifting away from those people that are bad and keep you down.     (Get ready for some new friends) 
  •  You'll go thru life with less worry. 
  •  You'll go forward in life never backwards.

The bottom line is this: This will help you with everything! 

  • Are you in need of money?
  • Are you in Business and want your business to succeed?   
  • Do you want a raise from your job? 
  • Do you want to go up in rankings at your place of work?
  • Do you need a Job?
  • Are you stressed?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping
  • Are you sick? 
  • Do you want a better relationship?
  • Are you in trouble with the law?
  • Are you unlucky?
  • Are you in financial pressure?
  • Are you a couch potato searching for an energy boost?
  • Are you in trouble with school work?
  • Do you play sports and want to get better?

You Will Thank me a Million times for offering you this product!

**NOTE** allow 45 up to 90 days (or sooner depending on individuals situation) to adjust to you for it to be fully affective! Although some have claimed results RIGHT AWAY

Did you know that connecting with Spirit —
  • with your personal spiritual Guidance — is a natural process? We are all born with the ability to connect, but since this ability was rarely fosterer as we were growing up, we forgot how and most of us have no clue if its even possible. And the saying “use it or lose it” applies here: If we don’t use it, we don’t establish the neural pathways that make it easy for us to attain this connection leaving most people with fear and anxiety leading to stress and disease. 


So, you may be asking: How can I be healthy? Well, with this Pendant 
Things will start happening FOR you, not TO you GUARANTEED! 
  • This is made from a spiritual Healer folks, this goes beyond what you have been taught or told. This will ALTER (meaning it will cause you to change) your DNA to the person you were meant to be The power of prayer and energy put into these products will clear your soul, empowering you to live your life.
This IS NOT some ordinary product you buy at any store. These bracelets and pendants being offered to you here today were bought and carefully crafted SPIRITUALLY by one of the "most gifted" human beings (who keep their identity very private) for months and months with the power of prayer to serve as a guidance and protection from anything or anyone. 

Only a few knows about this and those who know it and use it keep it a secret between their circle and family members. Think about it, why do you think only a few people on earth are powerfully rich, have the most vibrant health, feel good most of the time and they almost never worry about anything because they know everything will turn out to their advantage leaving them stress free at all times? Why? It's because they KNOW! And they have been spiritually blessed by this exactly same thing we are talking about here. 
Upon wearing this product (usually right away or on or after 30-45 days as it adjust to your body and soul) you will notice an amazing feeling as if a huge burden has been lifted off, of your shoulders. Your natural balance will restore in your body therefore gaining back your original strength. From there on, your life will continue to improve in every area that needs improvement. There will be a tremendous affect to the bodies of those who use this. The amount of energy associated with these bracelets and pedants are so powerful that you will think an Angel was assigned to look after you to keep you safe and fulfilled. 

This is not something you should fufu away. I myself have been experience amazing results during my trial with this and I have kept it on my possesion ever since. My life has gotten better, I'm healthier, happier, stress free, no more money worries, and have experienced a great amount of luck where everything just happens to go my way, I mean incredible. I challenge you to try it for at least 30-45 days to see exactly what I'm talking about.

The truth is, we can all use some guidance. Life is too complex and full of surprises to go it alone. Our world is filled with events and situations that can cause great fear and anxiety. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and live imprisoned by fear. 

You are on this planet to evolve your soul in your ability to love and to fully manifest the gifts you have been given. This is the soul’s journey. Your soul, and everyone’s soul knows this, and if you open and look deep inside, you will remember that this is why you came here. But because of society in general your surroundings have suppressed this ability you have to connect with your being so, you were left lost and confused like a ship without a rudder. Be lost no more because Geniusmind LLC, is here to offer help. 
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